Monday, February 28, 2011

7 years of Happy

How do you sum up 7 years of marriage? Pure Happiness! I'm so in love with Josh and I'm so very blessed to be called his wife. We have been through a lot together, grown up a lot together and had the privilege of having Hadley Grace together. He is my best friend and an inspiration to me. We spend so much time together since he works 90% from home and I would not have it any other way. Frankly, we could spend 100% of our time together and never get tired of each other.

Random side note: why do my hands look like man hands?...

Even though we couldn't be more opposite, we work really well together! Our prayer is that the Lord would be glorified in every part of our life and in our family. We want to use our marriage to work together and further God's kingdom in a big way. I'm excited everyday for what the Lord has in store for us.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Movie Monday: Farm Park

Last Friday Josh and I decided to take Hadley the farm park to play. The weather was so nice and I thought it would be fun to go and hang out. The past few times we have been HG hasn't been able to play on the playground, so after we checked out all the animals we headed to the slides. This video makes me laugh so hard and I already know my sister is laughing. In my defense this slide was steep;).

Now, HG is on her own on this;)

We had so much fun! I know this will be a regular this Spring.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Party

My sweet friend Sara hosts an awesome Valentine party every year. We always have so much good food and fun hanging out.

This is HG in her new outfit we bought for the party;).

Just seconds after this picture, she ripped that bow so fast off her head that the bow came unglued from the clip. Guess who was late because we were waiting for the hot glue gun to heat up?

Notice the shoes my mom sent yesterday were perfect...score!

Hadley and her gal pal Selah;)

She thought Trinity's shoes were awesome. This girl likes her bling;)

We are so blessed to have such a fun group of friends! Tomorrow we are all hanging out again for our monthly moms group...exciting, I tell you!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Movie Monday

Valentines day is such fun! Of course having a day to show the people around you extra love and kindness is fun,but I also really enjoy it because it reminds me that Spring is around the corner. All the pink and red is just happy;)

Gram said she sent HG a present so we headed out to the mailbox this afternoon.

This might look like a smile, but it is actually on the verge of an irritated look since I'm taking pictures and not helping solve the step problem in her way;)

About to give up and start for the ground.

Oh look,a package!!

She was sooo excited! For her to want to show daddy is the ultimate...anything that she loves, daddy gets to know about it first;)

Tomorrow we have a Valentine party (rescheduled from the snow).
It's so fun because all the kids bring Valentines to pass out to each other. Here is HG's box to collect her Valentines.

Here are her Valentines to pass out.

Should be lots of fun! Hope everyone had a great day!!! I'm so thankful for both my Valentines!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday favorites: Valentine ideas

Ok, so it is no secret I've been majorly slacking on Fridays. So, today, I thought I would do a bunch of my favorite Free Valentine ideas that I found.

Lollipop tags

Gift tags

Pillow box

Valentine circles

Cheesy, but a cute idea for teachers.

I hope these ideas inspire you or lead you to a new favorite.

Be blessed this weekend!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: part 2 weekend recap

I have the yummiest recipe today! Josh and I enjoyed it all weekend long! (please excuse the sideways picture). This recipe is super easy..just open a bag of Oreos and make coffee. Voila..there you far my two favorite things in the world!

I think I ate my weight in Oreos this weekend. It was perfect!!!

Day 2 at the cabin was not much different than day 1. We just hung out and stayed warm.

Hadley enjoying the view

Josh and HG

We watched the Bald Eagles. There are two them that live around the cabin, but we could only get a picture of one.

Lunch on the step..or a picnic we kept calling it.

Being silly;)

This handle was very entertaining. There is one on each side and so she would go back and forth playing with them.

Josh grilled out steaks that night, which were awesome!

Early Monday morning we headed back home

We had the best time! It was like our first family vacation. It makes us excited for all the trips in the future when HG gets a little bigger!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Movie Monday: weekend recap

I originally was suppose to be hosting a baby shower on Saturday while Josh was going hiking and to the cabin to check on it after the winter blast. My baby shower got rescheduled so Josh suggested HG and I tag along to Branson and make a weekend out if it. Yes, couldn't come out of my mouth fast enough. Being snowed in all week, and getting ready for a baby shower, Hadley and I were beginning to feel cabin feverish, I was so excited to get out!

We haven't taken Hadley to the cabin since she was about 3mo old, so we knew she would have fun exploring!! It is not baby proofed to say the least. It is a log cabin with two sets of log stairs and lots of decorations including rocks and candles. When we first got there she headed straight for the checkers.

Then we had some lunch

Lunch lasted a long time because she had to look around between bites;)

We tried to get a picture..unsuccessful..

Still trying...still failing miserably..maybe someday..

Really liked this window since she could see out by herself.

This step kept her entertained and away from the stairs..I'm thankful!

She was constantly looking up!

Of course Bob was on the play menu;). We don't leave home without him.

Looking out at the snow while carrying the remote..always fun!

Hadley's grandpa brought her a book from AK with a picture of a moose in it so she was so surprised and excited to see a moose in person. It was so cute to see her say hi to the moose we didn't have the heart to tell her it was an elk;)

Watching a movie before bed and she would occasionally stop and point to the moose.

All cozy with dad before bed.

Yes, those are still Christmas pj's, but they still fit and are warm. No judging!;)

Tomorrow, I'll post day 2 pictures;). I took so many I thought I would spare you 100 pictures in one post.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We might have gotten a ton of snow, but we ventured out today(with Josh driving) and it sure was sunny.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tasty Tuesday...Tacos

I saw this recipe for tacos and I have to admit, I'm totally digging eating out of a Fritos bag, no matter what's inside;) With a plastic fork, you have yourself a mess free, throw in the trash kind of dinner cleanup.

Here is the delicious Recipe.

Hope you enjoy!