Thursday, October 20, 2011

New blog

I'm going to try a new blog home and see if it is easier to post from my iPad. My new blog home is I have tried making it a link on this post about 5 times and it won't show up, so I apologize, you will just have to type it in;). Case in point....I'm tired of blogger! Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We moved

A month and a half ago;). This is our new house. We are enjoying it so much and very thankful to have a bigger back yard to enjoy with HG. When we moved to Republic, we decided to rent while our house in AR was still on the market. We liked the house, but it wasn't what we wanted to buy. We were satisfied with renting it long term, but our landlord unfortunately went into foreclosure and so we had to move out and find a new place quickly. Josh found this house on Craigslist and it had 3 pictures of the house. Our new landlord lives in a different state and was going to be in ten showing it a week that we were out of town. So, we signed a 3 year lease sight unseen, but we still had peace about it.

Before we could move we had to say goodbye to 822 Rachel

HG was really digging her new dining set up;)

This is the ginormous bubble wrap Josh ordered. We actually had two of these. Rolling it out and running on it became a major source of entertainment.

This is packed with love;)

The move was seamless and HG kept saying 'new house, new house'! We have really been enjoying the new space. When we finally got to see the house in person (3 days before we moved in). We were presently surprised at the quality. Here is the kitchen.

And hearth room

Living room

And Josh's office

Soon, I'll post some with furniture. I'm working on getting HG to sleep in a big girl bed so I can re-do her room. Until then, the walls are bare, but she sure doesn't seem to mind. Speaking of big girl beds, she is actually on her second day of sleeping on the air mattress during her naps. I think after a week, I'll try it at night. I know she would be fine going to sleep at night on it, but I'm not ready. All in good time;)

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