Tuesday, March 23, 2010

6.5 months

We headed to the Dr. yesterday for HG's 6 mo checkup and shots.  It turned out that the appointment was right during her nap time and she was not too happy about it.  The only thing that seemed to help was the paper on the table.  That stuff is fascinating!
HG weighs 17lbs 12 oz and is 26.5 in long.  She is in the 75% on both height and weight.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh happy day

Friday we got to go outside and soak up the sun!!  

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break!

This past week Hadley and I took a trip to Tulsa to hang out with my nieces and nephew.  My sister was on a trip to Mexico and since the kids had spring break this week I was able to keep them during the day while Jared was at work.  It was a great 3 days!  I managed to get a few pictures with my phone in between the chaos.
We started everyday with some Curious George cartoons.
Chole was 'singing' to Hadley
Not sure who had more fun?  They were great babysitters.
Hadley is as big as Kate, but Kate insisted on 'holding' her :)
Cole is soooo sweet to Hadley and he builds the best towers.
We dyed Easter eggs and this is Hadley watching the hunt from her stroller.
Girls on a walk while Cole hides easter eggs in the yard.
We were trying to get a group picture...
Yea, 4 kids = no make-up and a ponytail :)
Still not working :(

Cole decided he would take a picture of just the girls.  After he took this
he said 'Perfect! That was a great picture!'
It was a very busy 3 days, but I'm so thankful for the quality time I get to spend with my favorite kiddos, especially while they are young and still wanting to hang out with their aunt Meg.  

Veggie Day!

Today we started vegetables :)  She thinks they are pretty tasty, but her favorite part is the shiny spoon.  She has the most fun trying to grab the spoon than she does eating.  It stands to reason though because for the past couple of months she has loved watching us eat.  She looks at the spoon/fork and then we look at her and say yummmmmm, it totally cracks her up. Here are a couple of pics before we started eating.  Notice the toddler full body bib...talk about prepared :)
I didn't get any after pics, trust me it wasn't pretty:)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Swinging 6 months

Ok, totally cheesy title, but it made me chuckle :)  Hadley turned 6 mo yesterday and we celebrated by having lunch with some of our sweet friends from church Melanie and Emma.  Thanks girls for a fun time!   We then headed to pick out a new toy and to buy some baby food.  I haven't done baby food yet because our doctor said to wait until 6 mo and that was fine with me.  We did start cereal, but neither one of us are big fans.  I think its waaaay to messy and she thinks its not that tasty, so we I have put it off.  Maybe the carrots that I bought will be tastier and a little easier to eat.   We shall see.  Today it was so pretty outside I  thought it might be fun to head to the park and try out the swings.  Here is was she thought of that idea..
Not amused :(  The swing was a bit big and a little awkward.
Can you say sanitizer?  I was tempted to take the lysol can, but thought that would scream first time mom..so I settled for the more subtle choice of hand sanitizer.

Back home :)

It has been a great 6 mo.  with you Hadley Grace.  You are a very fun and happy baby.  You are starting to sit up and that excites you because anytime I lay you down you try to sit up on your own.  You are very nosey.  You like to know what everyone is doing and you always want to be a part of the action.  I'm not sure who you got that from :)  You are totally in love with dad.  He is by far your favorite person and he always makes you smile and laugh.  You still suck your thumb when you go to sleep and you have started sleeping with a sleeping buddy, AKA pinky the pig.  You love any toy that has music and sings.  Your exersaucer is one of your favorite past times and you will play in there while you watch your movies.  I'm excited to explore the outdoors with you.  Since you were born in the winter, these are your first experiences outdoors and I think you like it.  So, happy 1/2 birthday my baby girl.  We love you bunches!!  love, mom


Hadley likes her books!  We have several books that she likes, but at the top of her list is Shake it up Baby, Twinkle Little Star, and The 3 Little Kittens.  She likes to help turn the pages and she smiles when the mom of the three little kittens gets onto them for losing their mittens :)  Its funny how she instantly gets so excited the minute you pull out a book. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Hadley still has little interest in rolling over or being on her stomach.  I like to joke that she didn't turn in the womb, what makes us think she will roll over now :)  Josh was playing with her and helping her roll over.  I love the way Hadley looks at him.  She doesn't look at anyone the way she looks at him, and secretly (or not so secretly) he really loves it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

She Sits Up!

If only for a few minutes, she sat by herself for the first time during a photo shoot at my moms house!! Confession time, the Miley Cyrus song in the background is a Hadley favorite and we were using it to make her smile :)  Many of you might be asking how I figured that out, well, I like it too because its pretty catchy and fun to run too:)

Happy Hadley

Hadley loves her gram and aunt Kelly.  This is Kelly making HG crack up.  Too funny!