Monday, July 26, 2010

Just like new

This chair is one that Josh's mom bought a long time ago at an antique store with her first paycheck. She so graciously handed it down to Hadley. I gave it a little tlc and some new fabric and voilĂ ..a fun vintage chair HG is pretty happy to hang out on.

Friday, July 9, 2010

10 months

Oh my sweet Hadley Grace... You are so full of life you take my breath away at times. I look at you in amazement of God's love. You are His child and I'm just so thankful he let us raise you! You are the constant sunshine in our life.

At 10 months you are spunky...





Did I mention curious?..


And just plain cute...

You are becoming more expressive by the day. You like to have someone sit right next to you and play. If you are left to sit by yourself you will voice your opinion very clearly. You are a good eater. You have started liking finger food like carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, and sometimes blueberries. You are getting better with the sippy cup, but it is still way more fun to throw than to drink from. Speaking of throwing, you have quite an arm. You throw everything. You have almost broken dads tooth with the remote;). You aren't crawling yet, but you have started sleeping on your tummy and you will play on your tummy which is a vast improvement. I think it will happen any day now.

You are the sweetest baby girl! We love you so much and everyday is a new exciting adventure. Love you and your sweetness!
Love, mom

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finger paint

I got an email yesterday with some ideas of things to do with a baby during the summer. I was laughing though because one of the ideas was to have your baby finger paint with pudding. Is that really what they came up with? Do they realize that we finger paint everyday and there is no need for pudding to create a masterpiece? Well, in honor of the idea, here is Hadley's masterpiece named 'peas in the rain'.

Looking at the rain for more inspiration

Pleased with her work of art.

Now the fun really begins when you eat your art supplies.


Garden goodies

...or potted tomato plants;....the first one just fell off the vine this morning. Can you see the row of large plants in the background? Those are all my neighbor Vern's tomato plants and yep, those puppies inspired me to plant one little bitty plant of my own.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We had such a great weekend with family. Josh's mom came on Saturday for some grilling out and my family came on Sunday. They brought my nephew Cole which was so much fun. I'm a little disappointed that not one picture was taken. ;(. These pics are not from the weekend, but they are of the dress I made for HG to wear for the 4th. I was trying to make a dress that wasn't only red, white,and blue so that she could actually wear it more than a few hours. I spent forever at the fabric store trying to match fabric that could pass as patriotic without having flags all over it;). When I got home I was so excited because I found a happy medium. When Josh saw what I bought he said, "that is not patriotic at ALL!". Rats, who am I fooling? Turquoise does not replace blue! Oh well, I say it's my rendition of the 4th of July;)

It's reversible..

I'm so thankful for our freedom and for my family!

Piggy Back