Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday favorites

How cute are these shoes?

I had never heard of Pickles shoes, until I popped into my local child addiction store, Jellybeans. I was looking for new shoes for Hadley and I thought these were cute. When we tried them on and she realized they squeak when she walks, her face lit up and I knew we had a winner. When I heard them squeak, I quickly looked at the sales lady and asked if the squeak can be removed. She showed me on the side how the squeaker can easily be pulled out if need be. Bonus! My mother in law was with me at the time, so guess who got two pairs of squeakers?;) We ended up with a pink pair and a silver pair.
The other fun part about the shoe is that you can put clips on the toe. It has a heart on the front part of the shoe that you can slide an alligator clip under. They come with these cute puffs, but they are really easily swapped out to match an outfit. Hadley has figured out how to take the bows off, so unless I remember to put them on when we get out of the car, they never make it during the car ride.
One other neat thing that I didn't think about is safety. You can always hear her if the squeaker is in, so when we go to a public place, chances of loosing her are very slim. Now that she bolts the second you put her down, we leave the squeaker in a lot more than I thought;). Ok, enough about squeaky shoes...I just really like them;). Practical and adorable....YES!

I wanted to share these Cinnamon raisin English muffins, because if they hadn't been recommended to me, I would probably have never bought them. They are so tasty and good for you.

This would have to be my new favorite game with HG. We have been playing hide and go seek, and this his her hiding;)

Well, we are off to enjoy this weather!! Hope you have a great day and a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Colors are fascinating!

We have found Hadley's new favorite pastime...coloring;)

But.... her very favorite, is coloring with her dad...

Stopping to get a tickle...

And coloring some more..

Tasty Tuesday: Enchilada Lasagna

I originally had this recipe at my cousin Julia's house and now it has become a family favorite. Julia doubled the recipe and so do I because it makes great leftovers.

Hadley insisted on helping, so I gave her the job of layering the tortillas.

She would put them on and take them off to stir.

She would take a bite out a tortilla..

...decide she didn't like the taste..

...and drop it out of her mouth and onto her shirt. Notice the tortilla piece already on her shirt. Yes, this happened more than once;). I know, you are probably just itching to come to our house for dinner. No worries, I won't let her much...when we have company;)

Seriously, go make this, it is sooo tasty!
Hope you enjoy!

3 days in 1

This week I have not wanted to sit down and blog, so I tonight I thought I would make up for the last couple of days.

On Monday, my friend Sarah and her two girls met us at a fun place called the Discovery Center. It is like a science museum;) Neither one of us had been there, and since it was too cold to go to the park, we decided to spend the morning inside. It turned out to be fun, but we both agreed it would be way more fun if the girls were a little older. Emma who just turned 5 probably enjoyed it the most, but Aubrey (2 1/2) and Hadley had fun just walking around and exploring what they could. One of these days I will learn, but by then Hadley will actually be old enough for the things I think she would like;).

When we walked in the first thing we found was this big dinosaur pit. You can dig for the fossils;). Hadley wasn't quite sure about it.

Emma showing her what to do..but still not sure.

This was a fun tunnel you could talk into.

If all they had were stairs, HG would have been completely satisfied. She climbed these a hundred times it felt like. Yes, I followed her closely with 'lotion' aka hand sanitizer. Touching the floor in a public place...eeech...I'm having to not think about it...seriously...I'm over it, can't you tell.

Just scoping things out.

The water table..

The fish were a big hit.

I realized that I didn't get any pictures of sweet Aubrey. She is so stinking cute, take my word for it. I'm sure you will see plenty of her and HG in the future;)

Hadley and I only ended up lasted a couple of hours. Sarah and her girls stayed awhile after we left and said they found a lot more things to do. It is always fun hanging out with friends and I'm learning that hanging out with other moms means not necessarily getting lots of girl talk in, but a new kind of fun, experiencing our kids enjoying something new together. I'm thankful for Sarah and we will just have to save our 'girl talk' for our running days.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Favorites

Not sure if I'm behind the times, but I stumbled onto this seatbelt for an airplane. You can read all about it Here. Whenever we brave a flight with HG I'm definitely bringing one of these;)

This has been a fun blog that I follow and it's becoming a favorite;). If you don't already follower her, check out Thisblog.

Thought this was really cute;)

I'm reading this book right now and it's so good. My mom recommended a different book about a little boy who visited heaven and so when I went to buy it, I accidentally bought this one by mistake, so I figured I would go ahead and read it. So glad I did. Next, I'll get the real book my mom recommended;).

Well, that's it folks...Hope you have a blessed weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Movie Monday..on a Tuesday;)

Last week HG and I finally got to go to Maw Maw's. We have been trying to go since before Christmas and we finally found a week that would work. My grandma is super social, so I have to say, it is more about working around her schedule than mine;). We love going and spending time with her. HG loves her some maw maw.

My mom and bandit also ended up meeting us there too, so it was a fun girl party (besides bandit of course). Hadley was in heaven!!

Her love for bandit might surpass his feelings towards her, but they do play well together. This is after she woke up from her nap to find that gram and bandit had arrived.

Maw maw had these balls in her shed...quadruple the fun!

Maw maw helping HG...

Hadley liked bandit's leash...a lot...this went on for a long time.

There is nothing like going to Maw Maw's. Her house is so comforting and the food is awesome...cookies can be found in the freezer at all times;). She also made me my favorite angel food cake with strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream. See, she is awesome! I'm so glad Hadley has a chance to know her Maw Maw and how special she is.