Saturday, October 30, 2010

A day...

These pictures don't have any interesting story, but they are just pictures I take throughout our I thought I would post to remember the everyday moments.

This look cracks me up because she looks so ornery, but she really isn't.

This is a true picture of her personality;)

Her first hoodie;)

One of her favorite toys. She wraps the string around the back of her neck and pulls it while she crawls;)

Her other favorite toy ( the remote)

Reading stories with dad in the morning.

Lately she has been laying her head on everything to check it out...strange, but pretty cute.

Everyday we pretty much do the same thing, but everyday seems to be new. I'm so thankful!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin carving

Hadley was curious as first, but then...

She gave me that look like you get when you watch Dirty Jobs;). She didn't want any part of the mess. I guess she is all girl when it comes to pumpkins this year.

Our finished products. Yes, Josh's is the wolf and waaaay better than mine. I can openly admit that. I just chose the owl because I thought he was cute, but he kinda turned out a little dumb;). Oh well, we had fun, and Josh really had fun because he won! Maybe next year, I'll actually!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin 2

At the last minute Josh and I decided to take Hadley to this pumpkin patch /farm. We thought she would enjoy the animals and we could pick out a pumpkin for our carving contest. Yes, very cheesy, but Josh and I are really competitive and have to compete with pumpkins:)

To the farm!! It is that way! ;)

Looking at the miniature horses..see the ohhhh on her face;)

Here is the pumpkin patch...cracking us up because these guys where taking pumpkins out of the box and putting them in the field... Hummm..maybe they just ran our of pumpkins that they actually grew;). We decided that we would get ours at Walmart ...just like they did;)

The wind on her face was making her laugh

We made a stop by the rocking chairs...

My new favorite picture;) sweetness!!

Bob rocks!

Guess what Hadley was for the fall festival at church?? We watch Veggie tales so much that it was only fitting that she dress up like bob;). My sister encouraged me to make it and with her help, it all came together

They had several games set up for the little kids, but a Hadley wasn't that interested. However, she did like these pumpkins aka balls;)

Ok, so I know a lot of you are thinking...'what, no shoes!'. Well, let me just clarify...we did have shoes on for all of two seconds and then we came to the realization that going barefoot would be a lot less maintenance. I mean if I'm going to make her wear this costume, I can compromise on the shoes this time, right?;)

Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago, we met a few friends at the pumpkin patch. Hadley had the most fun playing the the corn box...yes, weird, but kinda fun.

YouTube Video

Emma and HG

A little short;) Maybe next year we will be able to actually see her face;)

We never found the end. We had to backtrack because my arm felt like it was going to fall off from holding Hadley. I'm definitely excited for her to be able to walk;)

HG, Aubrey, and Emma..aren't they the cutest?! This time of year is so much fun to enjoy friends and enjoy the weather. Now, I've had my fall fix and I'm ready to move on the Christmas!

Let's Party..Again;)

A few weekends ago, Glam ma came by bringing the party with her and lots of gifts and balloons. Neither of the the grands could wait until her actual party (neither could we), so that resulted in several celebrations, which was just fine by HG;)

YouTube Video

Glam is so fun and HG is also so excited when she comes over!

Thanks Glam ma for all the great presents!! We love you lots!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hadley's 1st B-day Party!

For HG's big party we decided to do something different and fun. We thought it would be fun to take all of our family to Silver Dollar City. It would be a place that everyone would have something fun to do. We weren't able to to go until the first week in October because that was the first weekend everyone could come, so needless to say, Hg had a party all month long. Everyone got here Friday night.

On Sat we woke up and after Hadleys morning nap, we were off to SDC. Cole, Chloe and Kate were so excited to go ride roller coasters.

Josh and Glam ma at lunch

This is right before the roller coaster took off, if
you look close, you can see Josh and Chloe in the third car and dad and Cole in the fourth. It was the fastest roller coaster I have ever been on, but the kids loved it and rode it a bunch of times;)

Kate was too little to ride with the big kids, but she had fun watching them and playing with Hadley.

Glam ma and HG. It was nice having so many hands to hold HG.

We had the best time! There wasn't a lot for Hadley to do this time around, but it will only get more fun the bigger she gets. She did have a fun time people watching and pointing at every pumpkin and scarecrow;). I think we might turn this into a birthday tradition. I'm so thankful we have such a fun family. Thanks for coming and helping us celebrate!