Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The week after Hadley's birthday, Josh and I took a trip to Mexico. This trip was such a blessing! We have been wanting to go to the beach for a long time, but because of business and Hg it kept getting pushed back on the list. But, the time had finally come where everything worked out and we were off.

Josh found this resort outside of Puerto Villarta that turned out to be awesome.

If you know Josh and I very well, you know that we are very safe when we travel, meaning, we always stay at American known hotels. Well, not this time, we went out on a limb and stayed at a hotel we have never heard of. We did a lot of research and all the reviews looked good, so we decided to be adventurous and it payed off. We really enjoyed the quiet simplicity of just hanging out.

Our room before we loaded it up with luggage

Everyday we perfected our ultimate relaxation plan. We got better at it as the week went picking out the perfect lounge chairs at the pool;).

They had a DJ that would play games and do water aerobics everyday. No, of course we did not participate, but we were highly entertained by everyone else playing and doing aerobics in the pool after an adult beverage;)

Yes, this was the perfect meal! The guacamole was amazing!

Here is a can that I think they made in honor of Josh and I;)

See the guacamole, doesn't it just make you hungry?? This was our daily lunch spot...yummy! The beach as the background. Which speaking of the beach, it was so fun to hang out on in the morning after breakfast, but later in the day Mexican sellers would come and try to get you to buy something over and over and over. We spent most of our time at the pool;)

My cutie!

One day we decided to try snorkeling.

We had brought all of our own gear from home to use. Well, of course I borrowed Josh's moms professional fins and went and bought a youth size combo pack that included a mask and snorkel at Bass pro the night before we left. As we were walking down to the boat a guide stopped us and asked If we did professional diving. I have to admit he was using terms I did not understand therefore I just thought he was speaking spanish;). Oh no, he saw my professional (borrowed) fins and assumed I knew what I was doing. We kindly told him we were just snorkeling and as we were walking away we both agreed it was a good thing my $20 kiddy mask/snorkel were tucked away in the bag;)

Getting ready

I was really excited about seeing awesome fish...until....

We stopped at this cave in the middle of the ocean and the guide prompted us to get out of the boat. Uhhhh....I don't think so! The guy wasn't joking so I made Josh go first;). I then jumped in and my instinct to swim and put on gear at the same time went out the window. So, as you can see, I'm here trying to put on this technical diving gear and the guy in the boat rushes to get me a life jacket so I don't drown. Nice! All I can say about that is that I'm glad the guy at the dive shop wasn't around to see my skills;)

I mean really.....intimidating! I didn't end up seeing much for my lack of confidence, but we did get some great scenery on the way back to the hotel.

This was one night before a yummy dinner!

Josh and I are truly best friends and I'm so grateful for him and this time away. We had a great time, but it sure was good to be back home with Hadley in our arms. Next time... She is coming with us!!

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