Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday lunch

Bonny recently got some work done on the plunge pool at the lake house It is AWESOME! We headed over there after church last week to grilled out salmon and swim.

When we got there, HG needed to go exploring with miss dotty(a new stuffed animal compliments of Glam).

Checking out the pool. This didn't last long before she insisted on her bathing suit.

Making water handprints with Glam

Seeing a helicopter.

Swimming with dad;)

Grilling... Thanks to Grandpa Ger for the salmon.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hadley sure likes her coats;). Because of packing, she has found coats we had put away, and therefore she begs to wear them. I beg to take them off;)

Like my mom said, ' good thing Josh keeps your house freezing cold'


We are moving on Tuesday and there has been ALOT of packing going on around here with lots of help. HG loves finding things to play with. Packing has been way easier than I anticipated because Hadley is very content with anything new to play with. In this particular packing day, she was a happy camper with her hat and glasses.

She even found key chains that she turned into earrings;)

Now, I'm hopeful unpacking will be just as fun, if only I could remember where I packed her 'earings'.

True love

Awhile back, Gram and Papa stopped by on their way through town to meet us for lunch after church. HG was pumped, and something in these pictures tells me she isn't the only one;)

Library time

HG and I found the best kept secret in Republic, the Library! It is a new library that is nice inside and they have a fun story time on Wednesdays. I was surprised at the quality of story time. The librarian has a weekly theme and reads 2-3 stories. The kids sing songs, play games, dance and then end with a craft. It is the highlight of Hadley's week. I ended up teaching Hadley the days of the week because she would ask every day to go to library time;). Now she just says everyday, 'library is Wednesday, mom'!

This particular day, the theme was Fox's. She got to color and add stickers to decorate him. It was right up her alley.

They do the hokey pokey every week and after the first week of not know it, we started practicing at home. Josh even bought the song on iTunes and we dance to it. Her favorite part is to put her head in. Now, she is a pro at it and I think that's her favorite part of story time. The whole time the librarian is reading she is saying 'pokey mom, more pokey mom'.

Playing with a few toys before story time starts.

Playing on the computer, aka, pushing buttons as fast as she can.

Checking out her artwork.