Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Play doh

Looking for fun activities inside this week included introducing HG to play doh. Here she is with her glamma making impressions. We have been working on things that are the same, so she is bossing Glam on how to organize the ones that match;)

What? Father's day was over a month ago?

How can that be?  How is it that I never got around to posting about Father's day and HG's awesome dad!
 Well, good thing he is still just as awesome as he was a month ago:)

 I know I have said it before, but these two are seriously attached at the hip.  They love playing together.  He is her comfort whenever she is unhappy or unsure of something.  He is so sweet to her and does anything she bosses him to do;)  They have the tightest bond, which I love.

Hadley was DONE taking pictures, so here is Josh left alone.  Don't think he minded:)

 Thanks babe, for being the BEST dad!  HG and I love you more than words!
Here are some my favorites of HG and daddy playing on Father's Day.

 He tells her all the time that he is going to tackle her and she just giggles and says 'daddy tackle'

Keeping it cool

Wow, it is HOT! I'm not complaining, but it is a little difficult to keep an almost 2 year old entertained by staying inside.  So, the only activities we end up doing outside involve water, and lots of it.  On Saturday we pulled out the sprinkler and she had a blast. 

 I couldn't pick just a few of the pictures.  I picked a whole bunch!

I can't get enough of that happy face.

 Needed a little break and kiss from daddy

 Now it is Glam'ma's turn

These days are by far my favorite.  I just can't get enough!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourth of July-BB Style

While I try to catch up on blogging, I'll go ahead and work a little backwards.  

We had the BEST July 4th weekend!  We headed over to Eureka Springs after church on Sunday to spend some time at Bonny Brooke with Josh's mom.  Before we went though, we went Friday to go buy the fireworks.  Josh is the biggest kid all the time, but especially on the 4th.  He gets giddy about going to pick out fireworks.  He maps out a plan to hit up the best tents to ensure we get the best of what everyone has :) HG was so excited to go 'shoppin' in a tent.  In the first tent she just kept looking up and yelling 'tent, tent!' In the second tent, she got herself a basket and started loading up on the goods, that's my girl.                                           Here is what we ended up with.
When we got home, we decided to try out some smoke bombs.   As you can see, HG did not like them AT ALL.  The colored smoke coming towards here was so not cool :)

(side note: I am not responsible for this outfit, more on that later)

Once we got to Eureka, HG took a nap, we stuffed our faces with yummy food and decided to try a few fireworks.  It's like Christmas around here, we are not the best at waiting for either one.  Hadley was fine watching them from a distance in Glam's arms, but after each one she would say 'All Done, Bye'

Her little cheeks get so red, so we came in to cool off.
But not for long.  There is always something fun to do on the farm. 
Like driving a pink mustang.

 Checking out the pond with fish and frogs

 And going to see Lucky.

 He seemed very tired and kept

I forgot to take my camera when we did the actual fireworks. Not sure I could have done them justice, but we had a great time lighting them off.  We had a competition to see who picked out the best ones, and since this is my blog, I'll be happy to tell you I won :)  Actually, my big firework misfired and scared the pants off of us, but I say that counts as winning.

So, Happy Birthday America.  I'm thankful for a free country and I'm so grateful for the foundation of God that we are built on!