Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Swinging 6 months

Ok, totally cheesy title, but it made me chuckle :)  Hadley turned 6 mo yesterday and we celebrated by having lunch with some of our sweet friends from church Melanie and Emma.  Thanks girls for a fun time!   We then headed to pick out a new toy and to buy some baby food.  I haven't done baby food yet because our doctor said to wait until 6 mo and that was fine with me.  We did start cereal, but neither one of us are big fans.  I think its waaaay to messy and she thinks its not that tasty, so we I have put it off.  Maybe the carrots that I bought will be tastier and a little easier to eat.   We shall see.  Today it was so pretty outside I  thought it might be fun to head to the park and try out the swings.  Here is was she thought of that idea..
Not amused :(  The swing was a bit big and a little awkward.
Can you say sanitizer?  I was tempted to take the lysol can, but thought that would scream first time I settled for the more subtle choice of hand sanitizer.

Back home :)

It has been a great 6 mo.  with you Hadley Grace.  You are a very fun and happy baby.  You are starting to sit up and that excites you because anytime I lay you down you try to sit up on your own.  You are very nosey.  You like to know what everyone is doing and you always want to be a part of the action.  I'm not sure who you got that from :)  You are totally in love with dad.  He is by far your favorite person and he always makes you smile and laugh.  You still suck your thumb when you go to sleep and you have started sleeping with a sleeping buddy, AKA pinky the pig.  You love any toy that has music and sings.  Your exersaucer is one of your favorite past times and you will play in there while you watch your movies.  I'm excited to explore the outdoors with you.  Since you were born in the winter, these are your first experiences outdoors and I think you like it.  So, happy 1/2 birthday my baby girl.  We love you bunches!!  love, mom

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