Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tea 4 Me!

We finally got Hadley her Christmas present today.  I know its way past Christmas, but I didn't get it ordered in time and by the time I tried they were out of stock :(  If you know me at all you know that I avoid clutter like the plaque. I have put off buying and having others buy a million baby things and toys.  You could say that I'm somewhat of a minimalist in this area.  I have seen how fast kids grow out of stuff and I didn't want toys strung throughout the house ALL the time. So, naturally I put off the idea of an exersaucer because who wants that as their living room decor?  I mean really, when did toys in a basket become so old fashioned?  Now it's necessity that you have the play gym, the light singing animals, and the dreaded exersaucer.   Well, I was determined that we didn't need one, we were going to have educational toys that satisfy her curiosity. End of story!  Ok, obviously those were my thoughts before Hadley came along.  Now that she is getting older and wanting to play with toys I want to buy her everything!  She is so fun to play with and to see the look on her face when we get out a new toy is addicting.  Who cares if the giant excersaucer in glow in the dark fushia is in my living room?  She thinks its AWESOME and that is enough reason for me to have toys everywhere!!

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