Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dad is great..he gives us chocolate cake;)

Well, not exactly yet, but anything daddy gives to HG is as good or better than chocolate cake i.e...cell phone, iPad, food, etc :). Josh and HG have had a special bond from the first moment. Since I had a c-section Josh was the first one to hold her and rock her. She has been on his little finger since that moment. Her first smile was at Josh and for awhile he was the only one who could make her smile. She absolutely loves her daddy! He is the best and most fun dad!

Josh's first glimpse of being a dad!

First Dr. Visit

First time to babysit!

First of many ways HG expresses her love for daddy!

First snuggles

Working on her first of many smiles for dad!

First time seeing dad after he had been gone to AK!

First motorcycle ride!

First of many cartoon mornings!

First iPad !

First Blackberry!

Happy first father's day! We love you so much! Thanks of all your hard work, support and fun that you bring to life. You are the best dad in the whole world!


  1. Josh truly has amazed us all at how natural being a dad has become for him. For a guy that never held a baby before, he really was a natural at it from day one. I always comment to others at how tender he is with her, how protective he is of her (case in point, her first time in her blow up swimming pool, his hand was never more than 2 inches from the back of her little head just in case she started to fall, he could catch her.) Josh, Hadley is a blessed little girl to have you as her dad. Hope your first Father's Day will be one you never forget! love you, Brenda

  2. BTW, my very favorite picture of all in this group, is him sitting cross legged on the floor beside her watching cartoons with her. THAT is priceless and too cute!!

  3. Delightful!!!

    I've seen that tender, loving heart of yours since you were a tiny little boy....protective, even of your momma, when you weren't yet 5.....caring and kind, comforting beyond your tender years! Always thoughtful.....

    As I've seen that love towards Megan, and now Hadley....it warms my soul.... to see your immense joy and pleasure in loving your family!

    My heart overflows....Happy First Fathers Day....my precious son