Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maw Maw's house is home

Monday my mom, sister and I planned a quick trip to Fayetteville to meet at Maw Maw's house. My sister brought her kids so we just had a party;).

Going to Maw Maw's house is like going home for me. It's always filled with peace, fun, and the smell of something yummy cooking. Maw maw has to be the coolest grandma ever. She is lively, spunky and patient (most of the She is accepting and easy going. She has a very big sweet tooth which explains the bags of cookies that fill her freezer. It doesn't matter if I'm there 5 min or 5 days, I have to have a chocolate chip cookie the minute I walk in the door! I have so many fun memories with maw maw and papa that I want HG to build memories of her own with maw maw.

My sister took some cute pictures ( shocking, I know)

Aren't those flowers beautiful? These are in maw maw's backyard.

Here are some pic I got with my phone
The girls playing after breakfast.

Chloe and her crafts. We named them Garfield and Odie;)

I have such a deep love and respect for Maw Maw and for the Godly example she has always shown us. I treasure every visit we get to spend together with all the kids and know they are building their own memories. Thank you Maw Maw for all you do. We love you!

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