Wednesday, August 24, 2011


 ...trying to pick the highlights of the summer to catch up and get back to more current things.  I'm the type of person that if I get too far behind, I don't want to just move on, I want to go back and spend time catching up.  The only problem with that is I think I have too much catching up to do and I never seem to spend the time.  Its a full random  I also haven't been taking many pictures.  The few that are still on my camera are going to be there awhile, my sweet honey packed my cord to the camera, so I can't upload.  Oh, BTW, I haven't mentioned it on here, but we are moving in a couple of weeks.  We are super excited and when I can get my pictures uploaded I'll share all about the move and new house pictures.  How random was all of that?  It has nothing to do with my pictures...moving on!

In July, my mom brought the cousins to visit.  HG is absolutely in LOVE with her cousins.  They are so sweet to her and do anything she wants.  She like having someone to boss that will listen :)   

Mom and I decided to take the kids to Wild Animal Safari.  It was so much fun and we found out it was perfect for all the kids.  
On our way...cute Chloe

Little Kate

Mom getting animal food

The white tigers were awesome

Cole and the parrot having a conversation.  He got him to say hello;)

Feeding the bunnies

Not sure what we are looking at, but it makes me smile.
Feeding the baby giraffe.

HG in 'weee' heaven.

A picnic lunch before the bus animal tour.. HG and the Sun chips are busy:)

First time on a bus

In heaven feeding the deer.  That is Chloe's favorite animal.

A little Iphone to pass the

The animals get really close...kinda gross if you ask me, but the kids really liked it.
Can you see the camel's head?

It was a little long for sleepy HG

But, she had no problem being entertained by gram.

Kate feed a yak, I think?

If you are ever in Strafford, MO take the time and go to the Wild Animal Safari, it is way worth the time:)

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