Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Trip to NWA

Early July, HG and I headed down to Fayetteville to spend some time with Maw Maw and Aunt Jo (a.k.a Jo Jo).  We had such a fun time and HG ate up all the attention she got at Maw Maw's house.  One evening we went outside to water the plants.  Hadley was all about helping :)
Hg and Maw Maw

Helping JoJo

Forget the bucket, she went straight for the hose

Which turned into a huge mud puddle. See, I told you she is a big help.

I love her little arm here, watering with style.

Now it was time for the sprinkler...aka ball wash:)

Now that she is soaking wet, she decided to carry the sprinkler over to the flowers.

Helping JoJo clean up

This girl is happiest when she has a job..she says, 'help you momma' all the time

While HG was busy playing, I snuck away and got to snuggle this sweet thing.
My friend Terria just had the sweetest baby girl, Sarah Grace.

There is nothing like spending some quality time with my Maw Maw and Aunt Jo.  We don't do it often enough, but when we do, it is priceless.

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