Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas bear

This was last year's feelings towards Christmas bear...

This year, they have become best buddies. A lot can change in one year;)

All of the following pictures are blurry ( it's not just your eyes). She moves so fast its hard to get a good picture, but hopefully you can still see the love;)

She wanted him to wear her necklace;)

There, that's perfect! ;) A bear with bling!

Hadley also likes to point to his nose and eyes and then point to her nose and eyes. She can say nose and eyes very clearly, it's really darn cute!


  1. Aweee, that's really CUTE... she is such a HAM!!! Love her!!!

  2. That picture of her cutting those eyes over at that bear last year STILL cracks me up. I ditto her daddy's comment; LOVE HER!!!!