Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis the season!

Wow, it's already Wednesday! I have good reasons for not posting this week...I've been Christmas'ing' know, shopping, wrapping, partying! ;).

I don't have much to share today since I haven't taken many pictures, but I do have a few of our Christmas decorations around the house. Really, not that exciting, but it's what I got done, so I consider that good;)

Hadley got a little tree for her room...she really likes it!

Christmas tree and buffet...we left room on the floor to sit and open presents...oh yes, we are prepared.

A new tray that I got at Sandstone this year.

That's it;). Tomorrow's post will hopefully be a little more eventful...I'm taking HG to get her hair cut..we will see;)

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