Tuesday, June 14, 2011

21 Months

Hadley at 21 months you are  CRAZY about your sweet cousins.

You are busy, busy!
You are the joy on your momma's face!!
You are sweetness
 a bit cautious

And a lot silly!

You are so fun to be with and your personality is blossoming.

At 21 months you:
-Weigh 25 lbs
-You are not that interested in potty training, although you are very interested in the chocolate that comes from 'trying'
-Bossy could be your middle name right now.  You know what you want and what you want everyone around you to do.
-Your favorite things to do are coloring, playing with balls, riding in your wagon, looking at books, blowing bubbles, watching Bob, being outside, and eating raisins.
-You are a good eater.  You have started eating more meat and will try almost anything.  You don't like anything slimy like noodles.  
-You talk up a storm ALL day, EVERY day.  You can say anything I ask you to.  My favorite thing you say is 'thank you momma'  It is cute seeing you put words together.  You talk a lot about colors.  When we ride in the car you point out colors that you see.   You recognize all of your colors.  Yellow, still tends to be your favorite because its the color of school buses :)  
- Speaking of school buses if we ask you who is on the school bus, you will say 'kids' and when we ask you where the kids are going you say 'school'.  You are starting to put things together.  
-You love playing with kids and dogs.  You talk about Cole, Chloe, and Kate Kate every time I tell you we are going to play with kids.  You look a little disappointed when I tell you they aren't going to be there.
-You are still a daddy's girl, unless you are tired and then I get some snuggles which I love!
- You are such a sweet baby girl.  You are growing so fast and your daddy and I enjoy every single minute with you!  It is exciting to see who you are becoming in Christ.  We love you!

***Thanks to my sister for always capturing HG in such a fun way!  Love you!

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