Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Cushions

Awhile ago, when Josh and I decided to go and get HG a new table and chairs we decided we wanted one THAT day.  So, that means no Internet shopping, we were shopping the big city of Springfield.  We went to several different stores, but could only find this cutie at Target.

 I liked the shape of it, but already I was running through my head how I could personalize it.  My initial thought was to put vinyl polka dots on the top (which I might still do).  My second thought was to put ruffled pouches on the back of the chairs to hold coloring books, but I realized that since I would have to make up my own pattern, I would be way out of my sewing league.  So, I finally decided I could make cushions.  I had some left over fabric that I could use and then if we decide to put this in her room later, I can make new ones that match.  

 They are reversible so if they get a little coloring on them I can just flip them over :)
HG seems to like them, although it's not a hard sell when it pertains to coloring :)

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