Thursday, November 18, 2010


Yesterday I started thinking about Hadley's favorite toys and realized she doesn't really like anything girlie. Her toys of choice are balls and books. So, I thought maybe it was because I haven't really showed her how purses work or how to hold a baby doll. I decided to get her baby out, wrap it in a blanket and show her how to hold it.

Here she is right after I handed her the baby

Two seconds later she is ripping the blanket off with a loud 'NO'

Thinking about what to to with the blanket..

Yep, the blanket went right over her head for a game of peek a boo..

I guess for now she is just easily entertained;)

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  1. Guess there won't be a new baby doll on my Christmas book for her! Can't believe how thick her hair is getting! Love you guys, Mom