Monday, November 1, 2010


I was totally not into Halloween this year. Actually we choose not to celebrate Halloween, so I normally don't get that into it, but this year especially it was a non event. I think it is so fun for the kids to dress up and have fun, but being scary is not my cup of tea. Our church had their fall social last week where the kids can dress up and have fun, but after that I was done.

Well, living in a small town in our neighborhood it is the biggest trick or treat party I have ever seen. Last year we ran out of candy and Josh had to go back to the store twice. It felt like our house was a booth at the mall. It honestly seemed like 800 kids stopped. My neighbors kinda laughed at me being my first year in the neighborhood and running out of candy in the first 30 min. The kids started at 6 and it didn't stop the steady stream until 10. By the end I was giving out dum dums ( the cheap stuff). Long story short it was a JOB!

I decided this year I would give out candy for the first hour or so( i like the cute little kids) and then turn off our light. No more madness for a holiday I don't even like;).

Hadley and I were going to go to the park and play until we walked outside and at 5:45 kids were already lining the streets. So, I decided that we would just hang out in the driveway and pass out candy. She thought that was a great idea.

Here comes the candy!

Watching all the kids was so much fun! There were some scary masks, but she didn't cry once. She just gave me a very serious look and once they left she would just laugh.

Hummm...maybe I'll stash a few for myself;)

Girl on a mission! She has candy to deliver!

We ended up having sooo much fun watching the kids and it wasn't a job at all with HG's help;)

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