Monday, November 29, 2010


This year Thanksgiving was a little different than normal for several reasons, but we still had a great time, even if Kelly and I were in charge of most of the food;).

I didn't get any pictures of the food or table, but I did manage to get the above picture...priorities people;).

Dad and I playing with my camera phone. I should note, that while we were playing, I put Cole in charge of snapping the green beans...child labor, yes, but he did a great job;)

Hadley slept through dinner, but she enjoyed herself some pumpkin bread after a looong nap.

She also enjoyed her cousins feeding her..

..and teaching her new faces.

Hummm, you might say..why does my mom have on a blue headband with a piece of magazine stuck to it? Well, it's only the most fun game ever! You have two players and each one wears a headband with a picture on it. You play 20 questions and try to guess what's on your head. The game comes with pictures, but being the family from OK, we decided to find our own pictures from the newspaper and People magazine.

Jared trying to guess Oprah...still makes me laugh. When he asked the color, Kate blurted out, ' blackish brown!' ;)

Still playing...

And since Monday is technically movie Monday, I have to post this little clip..background story... Kelly and I don't have many pictures together, so we decided to have mom take one. Kelly suggested that we sit in this chair
(which is way to small for two people). It turned into us goofing off and just when we thought mom was snapping away, she was really video taping. This moment might not be funny to anyone else, but makes me crack up every time I watch it...

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  1. Geez, thanks for that lovely handband picture you posted of me!! And I so want that video of you and Kelly posted on FB! I watched it three times in a row; laughing hysterically every single time!